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There was no cohesion; Roman was disagreeing within the Russians and Henry and Dana were disagreeing with Sasha and vice versa. Expectations and Boundaries must be set. Although the team differed in meeting style ideas, it was important to stay goal focused with the business plan deadline rapidly approaching.

The members think their personalities are effective in the group, and will not be eager to change. Alex can assist with Igor and Roman with the creative. This marks the emergence of a mature, organized, and well functioning group. Teams are interdependent in the tasks they perform; in short team work and a joint effort are a must for any team to be successful.

Alex views Sasha as aggressive and strong-willed. Team members lack building unity and collaborations among team members. We were not even sure what we were selling.

Focus on working together. In our opinion, we think the team members did a good job of understanding and sharing their opinions or ideas to each others. Alex also seems to relate to the business side of the business. A group leader should guide the group to satisfy these criterions.

The group lacks an effective leader. Even though Henry and Dana had researched the education market well and impressed Igor and Roman with their Power Point slides summarizing their work but they seemed to be the only one contributing thus far, no indication of quality work from other team members were evidenced in the case.

He already acts as a go-between, has a skill set similar to the creative Igor and Roman, and is close to Henry and Dana's age. Lately, Henry thinks of his group as a diverse group of individuals; he was learning a lot about these people and how they could contribute to his team if they come collectively.

Dana agrees with this perspective. Roman believes Dana takes a very broad view of things, that Sasha also views Dana this way, and that Dana believes Sasha simply as a salesperson.

Henry did most of the job and Dav did not have much to do. A group of highly talented people in the team does not mean that the team would do well.

Without a leader, the team struggled with developing credibility and influence among team members and establishing a motivating vision. He has to step in to establish better management of agreements and build unity and encourage collaboration through supporting, empathizing, and harmonizing.

South — western College publishing, [18] Brett J. The group really begins to come together as a coordinated unit. The third person is relied upon by the other two for his business savvy.

Within a short time frame, seven diverse team members assemble to write a business plan for a new company and struggle to define their roles, make decisions together, and resolve conflict.

Henry Tam and the Mgi Team Words Oct 28th, 7 Pages The MGI Team Case Study is a lesson in the difficulties faced by a team with inadequate leadership. Within a short time frame, seven diverse team members assemble to write a business plan for a new company and struggle to define their roles, make decisions together, and resolve conflict.

Henry Tam, a second-year Harvard MBA student, who joins an aspiring start-up company and a fellow classmate to enter the school's business plan contest. The founders of the company are two internationally.


HENRY TAM and the MGI TEAM HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL Harvard Business School Business Plan Contest 3 weeks left Education or Entertainment market Group is divided on issue 4 interrelated issues prevent group from moving forward 1. Lack of Role Clarity 2.

Leadership Vacuum 3.

Henry Tam and the MGI Team Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Lack of Constructive Climate. We would evaluate the strengths of the MGI team based on each individuals skills, knowledge, expertise and personality to analyse whether they would be a good team and would this team work.

On paper, we identified a multi talented team composition as one of the strengths. May 02,  · Henry Tam.

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Exhibit 1: Analysis of Henry Tam’s Team A. Leading Teams are defined by the text as the highly effective teams that are shared and motivated by its team members.

Evidence of leading teams from Henry Tam and the Music Games International (MGI) Teams includes.

Henry tam mgi team
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